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Deciding what to take with you when  travel has always been one of  main challenges  and that frustration is why  I eventually created my own detailed packing list.For years I kept changing it. At one point during my more than three years of traveling around the world, I noticed that my luggage was getting lighter and lighter.

Within the first few weeks of leaving home, I managed to give away a brand new shoulder strap (expensive), a portable hair dryer (not very useful in a mud hut), and a travel iron (what was I thinking!)

Here Is the detailed list for backpacking Europe packing list for females


Clothes for Summer:

1-2 pair of shorts for daily wear

1 pair of jeans for cool days/nights

4-5 lightweight shirts or summer dresses (that don’t wrinkle!)

1 pair of leggings or comfy pants for travel

1 pair of closed-toe shoes/sneakers (good walking shoes)

1-2 pair of sandals/flats

7 pairs of undies

2 bras

3 pairs of socks

1 pair of comfy, warm socks (Good for those cold summer nights, or cold train!)

1-2 Bathing suits, depending on your plans

1-2 sweater/jackets

1 rain jacket/wind breaker

As for jewelry, only bring the basics. Earrings, necklaces, rings, etc that you can wear with pretty much everything is ideal.

1-2 scarves (Very popular in Europe!)





Bathroom Essentials:



Soap/body wash


Nail clippers

Shaving razor

Nail polish

Nail polish remover

Makeup (Only bring what you can’t live without!)

Flat iron

Heat protectant spray for Flat Iron

Hair dryer (Buy a compact one in Europe; or don’t bring one if you don’t have to!)

Hair brush

Tooth brush

Tooth paste


Tampons/Pads (Bring 2-3, and buy them in Europe when you need them)



Camera + charger (Lots of SD cards)

Use your phone as your camera

Ipod + charger + headphones (for those long train/plane rides)

Laptop/Ipad/Tablet + charger + 3 prong adapter


A day pack (a cute, smaller backpack, or purse that’s big enough to fit a map, water bottle, camera, ipod/phone, brush, sometimes an umbrella, etc.)

Tissues packs (You’d be surprised how often these come in handy)

Ear plugs (A must if you’re sleeping in hostels)

Plastics bags (for dirty clothes, and other random things)



I’d recommend getting books you can listen to, for example from Audible. That way you can bring a lot with you, but without the added weight.

Download Movies/TV Series Season/Apps to Ipod/Phone/Pad (Great for long train rides).

Wi-Fi is too slow and unpredictable, so download before you leave.


Stuff You Probably Don’t Need:

Here is a list of things that a lot of people bring to Europe but end up never using.

Sleeping Bag: Hostels will provide bedding, and sleeping bags take up way too much space. So unless you are camping or sleeping on someone’s floor, you don’t need a sleeping bag.

Wire Mesh Backpack Theft Protection (Pacsafe):

The Pacsafe Anti-Theft Bag Protector may seem like a good idea for protecting your backpack but you really don’t need it — especially since most hostels provide safe places to store your bags. These might be better suited for “ sketchier” parts of the world or if you are traveling with lots of expensive electronics. But for most travelers, they just add a lot of weight to your pack. I talked to a few people who had them and everyone said that they stopped using them after a few days.


Water Filter: The water is fine in Europe. You can always buy big bottles of water at the grocery store for cheap.

Valuables: Don’t bring anything that you really don’t want to lose. Leave the fancy jewelry at home. Tech stuff is trickier because it is expensive but sometimes essential for travel.

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