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Travelling is the most fascinating hobby. However it can be time consuming and tiring. Packing is also a tiring process and it needs a lot of thinking what to pack and what not. The key to backpacking is “less is more” . A Traveler with less baggage will always be happy as compared to one who has more baggage with him/her. Because in traveling you have to visit different places of that city or country and it is also possible that sometimes you have to go for camping then there you would need less baggage.

If you are traveling Asia firstly you must know about the weather and culture. Because these two things are very important for travelers before traveling to any country or city. That would help you understanding what you need to carry with yourself and what are the things you need to leave behind at home. Here is the complete Backpacking list of things for females to pack before traveling Asia.





Three bikinis: they are small and easy to carry.

-Three pairs of shoes: Everyday walking shoes, Nice black leather sandals, Walking flats.

-Sandals: Hawaiians flip-flops are essential for the hostel showers and the beach.

-5 pairs of underwear, 2 bras, 5 pairs of socks

-One pair of jeans

-One blouse

-2 yoga pants

-3 yoga shorts

-2 maxi dresses

-One short jumper

-Two pairs of shorts

-One pair of leggings

-3 shirts

-2 dresses, one casual and the other a simple black dress.

-One sleeping t-shirt

-Sleeping shorts

-One light large scarf. This can be used to keep warm but also to wrap around your shoulders or legs when entering temples.



-Don’t bring a large bottle of shampoo.

-Bring two sets of travel sized shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel, and when you run out buy more there.

-Bring a travel pack of makeup remover wipes – not necessarily for makeup removal but when you need to wash your face and can’t get to water or it seems very dirty, use the makeup pads.

-Travel size tide packets: in case you want to wash your clothes by hand in the sink

-Two small bottles of hand sanitizer for your day to day.

Powder Foundation & brush, Blush, Eye liner & mascara, Tinted Lip Balm.

Mosquito spray. Small cans are portable and easy to bring in your day bag when you travel.

-Two CVS SPF 30 sun lotion pouches. I love these because they save a lot of space by using less plastic.

You can buy more sunscreen and mosquito spray when you get there as needed, but it’s always good to bring a little bit to start.


First Aid kit:

-Bandages & Band-aids

-Anti Bacterial First Aid Ointment

-Cleaning pads

-Pain Killers (if needed)

-Hydro-Peroxide (carry a small one and use it all the time)

-Rehydration sachets


– Mobile phone + 2 charging cables

-2 pairs of head phones

– Mac book / Windows

-iPad + charger

-Go Pro Hero 4 Silver + charger

-Canon 7D DSLR

-Travel plug adaptor x 2

-Power Bank + charger


Random Items:

Hair ties, you can never have too many!

Lip balm, with SPF 15.

-One small tube of hand cream.

-6 individual packs of tissues: always bring tissues with you in Asia! A lot of places won’t have toilet paper, or it won’t be of the best quality.

-Small notepad and a pen

-Sunglasses: don’t bring your favorite $300 Chanel sunglasses, but don’t bring cheap $7 ones either. Make sure you like how they look on you because they will show up in all your photos!

-Hat: Hats are necessary to prevent sunburns caused by UV rays. If  they are foldable it will be more convenient.

-Two plastic bags. Use one to separate dirty clothes before doing laundry, and the other is just extra in case if need it.

-One paperback book and two magazines.

–Lonely book (pocket phrase book for Asian languages)

-Combination lock: To prevent any mishap. (In case your suit case does not have a lock).

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