List of things to carry while travelling abroad

At a particular period when the entire world seems to be obsessed with cutting down on the amount of possessions they own and packing light for their travels, as a female traveler there are simply some items, which you cannot or should not do without. Yes, it would be fantastic to walk off into the sunset with just a satchel on your back but let’s be honest – wouldn’t it be just that little bit easier knowing you had an extra bra in case it rained or an actual swimsuit that wasn’t picked up in a flea market?

Here is a list of items you should absolutely take with you when travelling:

Absolutely take these items with you

Comfortable Shoes (but not too many)

Trust me, taking many pairs of shoes will be a decision you will regret. Take two pairs max, one closed toe pair of comfortable sneakers and some tongs/flip-flops/sandals.

Rainproof Gear

Headed out trekking? Even if the answer is no to this one you should absolutely take a rainproof jacket which folds up nicely and then possibly some waterproof pants if you intend on trekking or travelling outdoors.

Some shorts for the beach

Keep in mind that shorts are not always a good idea everywhere for religious and cultural regions, so know what the advice is in this respect. However, if you are intending on enjoying some beach time, you will need them – take two pairs.


Lightweight enough that you could probably take two with you but as mentioned above, if you plan on swimming during your travels then make sure this is on the packing list.

Some pants for all occasions

Dress pants always come in handy as part of a travel packing list but same goes for something more casual – it’s likely you will want to feel comfortable more than anything when you leave the comforts of home behind.

Sock, underwear and bra

Five of each and possibly a spare bra should be more than enough. You can obviously wash these along the way and in this sense; having some microfiber can be useful as they dry much faster.

Going out shirts, cardigans and casual t-shirts

You will most certainly use both of these during the trip and having long sleeved tops is just as important as a few short sleeved. Also, having a couple of light cardigans is always nice to have so you can layer up when the weather is cooler.

Dress and skirts

Skirts are likely to be more useful as part of your travel packing list as you can more easily accessorize with them but then again, you may want a special dress for a special occasion at some point – you never know and could easily regret not taking one.

Hats, scarfs and sunglasses


You want to stay warm, protect from the sun and look cool. These are all small items so feel free to stock up with more than one of each but as with any of the above, make sure you don’t forget any of them.


Toiletries, make up and medicine checklist


**One thing to keep in mind if you decide to take any of these items in your carry-on bag in the airport, the liquids etc must be less than 100g or 4 ounces in size.


  • Toothpaste/brush/floss and mouthwash.
  • Cloth and body wash
  • Hairbrush
  • Shampoos
  • Sunscreen, Vaseline and lip balm (spf recommended)
  • Shaving cream and razor
  • Nail clippers and a pair of tweezers
  • First aid kit, vitamins and any prescription medicine or drugs
  • Perfume, deodorant and hand sanitizer.



Stay safe with these items

In addition to the above necessities, there are certain precautions worth taking when you are writing up a travel packing list and here are some safety items you should consider including:

Take a Padlock

When staying in hostels or local guesthouses as you travel around the world, you will often have access to a locker of some sort, for which you are required to have your own padlock. These tend to be quite small so make sure your padlock is not attached to an insanely big chain but rather a medium sized padlock that will fit most devices.

Personal safety item

More and more, people are deciding to travel alone and the first obstacle which comes with such a feat is in terms of safety. Yes, you want to feel comfortable while you move to consider having a personal safety alarm as part of your travel packing list. These are legal in every country (unlike pepper spray or tazers) and send off a very high pitched alarm when you activate the emergency button.

Money-belt and an empty bottle of sunscreen

Money-belt’s are by far the most convenient and secure way to carry money or credit cards without attracting any attention. These slim belts wrap comfortably around the travelers mid section and are conveniently concealed by clothing. On the other hand, you may be wondering why you should carry an empty bottle of sunscreen? Well, if you travel somewhere hot, especially the beach, the best way to hide your cash is by rolling it up inside an empty bottle of sunscreen. Your purse or wallet are not safe left on the beach but what are the chances someone will steal your sunscreen?

There is certainly more you could add to a travel packing list but truth is, many of these items you can pick up or replace on the road, besides, it’s best to keep things to a minimum wherever possible as you actually need to be able to lift the backpack before you can travel!

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