How to Look Cute While Backpacking

Today more and more people leave all their things behind, pack light and venture into some unknown territories all over the world. There’s nothing more satisfying than traveling the globe with a relatively small backpack, knowing that you have everything you might need to look and feel great. When it comes to girls and looking good on the go, things might get a little bit more complicated.  If you want to follow the ‘solo female traveling’ trend, but still look amazing and fashionable, there are a few things you should know. There are clothes, toiletries and gadgets you’ll need no matter where you go, and then there’s stuff that you won’t need if you’re traveling Europe or hot countries.


Choose the right backpack

In fact, you’ll need more than one to travel comfortably – a big backpack for your long journeys, and a smaller one for traveling around the city when you go out of your hostel. It should be big enough to fit your valuables, documents and money. The bigger one should be really comfortable and not too big (bigger = heavier). It should fit you like a glove!


When packing, think about layers

Mixing and matching really is the key when you end up out there in the world with only one backpack of clothes. Focus on solid colors and you’ll be able to create different looks with a relatively small choice of clothing. If you end up in a colder climate, you’ll be able to layer a T-shirt, a shirt on top, a hoodie, and/or a jacket. The possibilities are endless!


Clothes you’ll need

If you’re heading to a country with a warm climate, your list of clothes will be quite small. Also, a lot depends on how long your journey will last. Take 1 pair of jeans for cool nights, 2 pairs of shorts to wear during the day, a few dresses that don’t wrinkle, 2 light shirts, a few tank-tops, 1 pair of comfy pants or leggings for traveling, 1 pair of some good walking shoes (e.g. sneakers), 1 pair of light sandals, at least 3 pairs of socks (you can wash them), 7 pairs of undies (they get worn out quickly), at least 2 bras, 1 pair of really warm socks (it can get quite chilly in trains), 1-2 sweaters or hoodies, 1-2 bathing suits (depending on where you’re going), 1 wind breaker/jacket.



No girl can imagine her life without her favorite face cream or tonic. Of course, you can’t take your whole bathroom with you, but there’s a number of essentials that will keep you looking fresh, beautiful while making you feel comfortable no matter where you go. So, depending on your preferences, take soap/body wash, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, body lotion, face cream, razor, toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush, wet wipes, some basic medical supplies, travel towel (those used for trekking are really light and dry quickly), dry shampoo (in case you end up traveling without a shower too long).


Things you probably won’t need

If you aren’t specifically planning on doing some trekking in the mountains or sleeping in a tent, then you probably won’t need a sleeping bag. Wherever you go in the world, there are always some sleeping options available for you – from hotels to hostels and guesthouses. Water filters are also quite useless because you can buy filtered/clean water even in India. You also shouldn’t bring too many valuables (fancy jewelry and such).

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