Packing Tips for Jordan: Sun Protection, Good Shoes & More

The Middle Eastern companies have been a great fascination and a popular region for tourists. Many Western travelers are fond of visiting the area and enjoy its different and distinct culture. Jordan, which is a relatively newer tourist spot is attracting lots many new people. Since its new so many people worry on how to pack and prepare their trip to Jordan. Well that’s what we’re here for, to provide you with ease and all the packing details that you need to have a fantastic holiday in Jordan.

First of all, dressing; Well Jordan isn’t as conservative as other Arab countries but it is most preferable to wear leggings, or light weight long pants with tee – shirts or tops and avoid completely sleeveless or short dresses. Along with this the weather is not typically too hot but it is better to keep most of your body covered as it can get hot as well. The best thing to do is lookout for the weather updates when you want to visit and prepare the dresses accordingly.

Next comes up the most important part of your dressing, shoes. Though it is easy to roam around the city in a comfortable pair of shoes but at some points like the ancient city of Petra, when you are exploring the ancient sites you need sturdy shoes. Pair of sneakers or even gladiator sandals is enough. You don’t need more heavy footwear than that, as that isn’t required and nor the tourist spots are that extreme that you can’t manage without them. Remember; opt out for shoes which will be comfortable and steady in the sand, simple cloth shoes won’t be reliable.

Some of you will be worried about the currency and money issues; well the good news is that there are many ATMs which are capable of accepting foreign cards, which means your billing issues can be resolved without much hassle. Along this the banks in the big cities also change the money very easily.

To ease out life more, the Smartphone you have will be your best friend. Wi-Fi is easily and readily available in most of the places, so you don’t really need to buy the Jordanian SIM card, as you can easily connect, and even it is more convenient than carrying camera for pictures.

One of the issues that you’ll face is of water. Bottled water is easily and readily available throughout the country but for shower or cleaning purpose the water is very limited, so it is highly recommended that you keep dry shampoo in your luggage. Along this it is safe to carry some tissue rolls in your backpack as tissues are not always available in the hotel bathrooms. And to be on the safer side, bring along a sanitizer.

These are some of the most important packing tips for Jordan, if followed well and accordingly, you will surely have a great and enjoyable trip, instead of looking out of ways to settle your problems, you’ll be actually enjoying the rich cultured and diverse journey.

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