Packing Tips for Women Backpackers

The biggest challenge is packing! I used to spend days, sometimes even weeks before a trip, packing and repacking. Still, after a couple of days on the road I would also be wishing I packed something else. The biggest challenge to packing is keeping your pack lightweight, while also packing stylish clothes for ALL types of occasions.


Here are a few tips to packing stylish, practical items for your backpacking trip:


Choose black pants over jeans

Black pants go with everything; they are lighter and easier to wash by hand.


Pack a colourful scarf or shawl

Scarves dress up in the daggiest of clothes. They are light and can be used as a fashion item, and can be worn in many ways. They are also handy to have in case you plan on visiting any temples that require modest dress.


Flip Flops

Great for long trips, dirty showers and to wear for just a casual stroll around town.


Choose clothes you can layer, over a thick jacket or sweater

Instead of packing a big bulky sweater, pack a few thinner, lightweight tops that you can layer. You’ll double up your wardrobe choice, save on space, and be prepared for a wider range of weather types.



You can sleep in them, wear them as a base layer to keep you warm or wear them with a dress or nice top. They are versatile and definitely a must pack item.


Do you have a “must pack” item that isn’t on the list? Or, a helpful tip for packing stylish, practical items for a backpacking trip? We were love to hear all about it in the comment section below.

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