Things to carry while travelling with baby in flight


If you are planning a trip with your little one, there are some essential things that you need to carry with you. Every mom knows what babies require on daily basis (and it is lots of stuff), but when it comes to going on a trip with a baby, be sure to double the number.

Tickets and passports – In order to even start your trip, you have to have these two things.

Car seat – For starters, a car seat is a great way to make your baby safe, no matter if you are in a car or a plane.

Diapers – Make sure to carry enough diapers for your baby. It would be perfect if you can pack one diaper for every hour of flight and a few extra to be safe if there are some unexpected delays.

Changing pads – It is much easier to change your baby if you have a changing pad to put under. If you don’t want to carry the ones you have at home, you can buy disposable changing pads at any supermarket.

Blankets – Your little one has to be warm and comfy at all times. It is good to bring a few of them, so you can cover your baby while sleeping or cover yourself up while breastfeeding.

Wipes – Wipes, wipes and more wipes! This is as important as diapers. You will need it for everything, all the time. Bring a big pack!

Plastic bags – You will have to use them for diapers, pacifiers, baby food and much more.

Pacifiers – Don’t forget to bring pacifiers, especially if your baby is used to them and won’t fall asleep otherwise. They can be easily lost in flight, so bring a few of them.

Baby clothes – Moms know that only a moment is enough for a baby to mess up their clothes with food or spill a bottle all over them. Make sure to pack enough of them, so you don’t find yourself in a situation where you don’t have dry and clean clothes to change your infant.

Clothes for yourself – Just as the baby can mess up their own clothes, it is more probable that it will be your clothes. Don’t hesitate to pack an extra pair of pants and a shirt.

Toys – Don’t forget to bring some toys to animate your baby during the flight.

Baby food – Be sure to bring baby food, if your little one is eating solid food or formula and bottles with milk, juice and water. Also, bring breast pump if you are using one.

First-aid kit – It is always good to have something like this with you, especially if you are having a long flight.

Stroller – Get a collapsible stroller, if possible, because they are much easier to store in the overhead bin of the plane.

The list can seem pretty long, but here are listed only the essential things when going on a plane with an infant. Have a care-free flight, enjoying a safe journey with your baby!

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