Things to see and do in Guinea

Welcome to Guinea

The Republic of Guinea, simply called Guinea, is an African country situated in the western part of the continent. Formerly, the name of the state was French Guinea. Nowadays, it’s simply known as Guinea Conakry. This way, people cannot confuse it with Guinea-Bissau, its neighbor.

Guinea is a multinational country, comprising 24 ethnic minorities. The largest groups are Susu, Mandinka and Fula. The country is bordered by Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Mali, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau and the Atlantic Ocean.

There are four main regions in Guinea. The most important is Guinea Maritime. This one comprises the coastal area and the capital, Conakry. Also, here is where the Susu people live. The Guinee Forestiere comprises attractions like the nature reserve Mount Nimba Strict (a World Heritage Site) and Beyla. In this region you can see the rituals and culture of ethnic groups like Lissi and Toma. The Haute Guinee is home for the Malinke people. The attractions in this region are the Upper Niger National Park and Kankan. The 4th region is Moyenne Guinee with the town of Dalaba. The area is covered by mountains and hills.

Guinea has a small number of cities and towns, but they’re all full of attractions. The most visited urban center is Conakry, the capital city. This is the trade, commercial and economic center of the country. Visit the wonderful Atoll Island. You can get there by renting a boat. Other sights are the Polytechnical Institute, the botanical garden, Iles de Los, the Grand Mosque, the Palais du Peuple, and the National Museum. There are also a few markets that deserve a visit. Conakry is also known for its vibrant nightlife.

Other important cities are Kankan, Dalaba (with amazing scenery), Beyla, Lola, Kissidougou, Kindia, Faranha and Mamou.

Guinea comprises many other destinations. Visit the Upper Niger National Park to see waterbuck, chimpanzees, buffaloes, elephants and hippos. The nature reserve Mount Nimba Strict is another place of interest. To see leopards, lions, monkeys and antelopes visit the Niokolo Badiar National Park. If you’re into hiking or if you like waterfalls go to Fouta Djalon, a beautiful forested area.

Be a local at Guinea

The best thing that you can do in order to feel like a local is to go to Taouyah, a neighborhood in Conakry. Here you can go at the beach bar, hang around with your friends or the locals and drink a beer. There, you can also have some chicken or fish dishes or pizza, listen to live music and enjoy the great breeze.

Talking about food, you must know that the traditional dish in Guinea is rice made in Guinean style with fish or beef and sauce. Try it in one of the local restaurants like Mouna Internet Café, Jardin de Chine and Le Cedre. You can also taste fruits like bananas, oranges, mangoes or pineapples.

Off the beat attractions

The Soumba waterfalls is one of the off the beat attractions in Guinea. They’re situated two hours away from the capital city and the best thing about them is that there is a restaurant at their roar. Thus, you can take your dinner while admiring these amazing waterfalls. You can also swim there.

Visit Guinea from November till December to benefit from the best weather.

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