Things to see and do in Liberia

Welcome to Liberia

Republic of Liberia, simply known as Liberia, is an African country situated in the western part of the continent. The state is bordered by Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea and Sierra Leone. This wonderful country contains numerous mangrove forests and grasslands, thus it offers great landscapes to all its visitors.

Liberia is divided into 3 regions. The Northern Liberia is situated between Sierra Leone and Guinea borders and St. Paul River. Southern Liberia features gorgeous Atlantic beaches and a beautiful national park (Sapo National Park). The third region is called Central Liberia and it includes the capital city, Monrovia and the city called Paynesville.

As you can imagine, the most important tourist destination is the capital, Monrovia. Here, the most visited sights are Blo Degbo (a rock formation that looks very much alike the face of a human), The National Museum and the Waterside Market. Other beautiful cities that can be visited are Robertsport, a town situated on the coastline that features beachside campsite, holiday lodge and surfing opportunities, Paynesville (famous among the BASE-Jumpers), Harper (Maryland’s first capital; it has wonderful beach houses and beaches) and Greenville.


You should pay a visit at the only national park in the country, Sapo National Park. It shelters the first African rain forests and includes a wide fauna (elephants, hippos and pygmy). Most tourists come to Liberia for its beautiful Atlantic Beaches. The most famous and the most visited are Thinkers Village Beach, Kenema Beach, Kendejah Beach, ELWA Beach, CeCe Beach and Bernard’s Beach. All these resorts have white and fine sand, blue crystal water and are perfect for sun bathing, swimming and diving.

The Providence Island is another interesting destination. This small island is situated between Freeport and Monrovia, near the river Mesurado, and it was first inhabited in the 19th century. Visit Lake Piso, a lake with saltwater connected with the Atlantic Ocean.

Be a local at Liberia

When you get to Liberia, the first thing you should try is the traditional food. The local cuisine is quite cheap and delicious. The most important dishes are jollof’s rice, chock rice, potato greens, cassava leaf and palm butter. Very popular are also the soup (pepper soup or goat soup) and the fufu (cassava fermented dough). On the streets you can find snacks and fruits and roasted or fried fish. Breads, mangos, bananas, plantains, roasted corn, plantain chips and peanuts, are all delicious Liberian foods.

Among the local beverages we can include gin and beer. They’re also very cheap and good.

Off the beat attractions

An off the beat attraction in Liberia is Mount Nimba. This is also a nature reserve and it’s included on the World Heritage Site list. The most interesting thing about it is that it includes both savanna and rainforests. It also contains iron ore deposits. Other outlandish attractions are Kpa-Tawe Waterfalls, the interesting Firestone Rubber Plantation, the Sinoe River with its wide fauna and flora and the Blue Lake, a natural wonder.

Take advantage of this beautiful country and visit it from November till April.

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