Welcome to Cape Verde

Cape Verde, officially known as the Republic of Cape Verde, is a country formed from an archipelago with 10 islands. The country is situated in the Atlantic Ocean, near Western Africa. The islands cover an area of more than 4,000 km2 and they’re volcanic. Most of the islands are luxuriant and rocky. There are only 3 isles (Vista, Boa and Sal) that are generally dry, sandy and flat and that are more visited by the tourists. Cape Verde is included in the group of islands called Macaronesia.


Cape Verde is very popular among the tourists because of its dry, warm and temperate climate. There is not that much precipitation and in some islands like Maio, Boavista and Sal, it doesn’t rain at all. As mentioned before, the country consists of 10 islands. The most important is Santiago Island. Here is where the present capital, Praia, and the former capital, Cidade Velha, are located. Brava is a rather small isle and you can get there only by using a boat. However, if you want a romantic escape or just wish to relax away from the crowd and noises, this is the best destination. Fogo is another impressive island. On it you can see a volcano that last erupted in 1995. If you want to go to Cape Verde for some tanning, then you have to go to Boa Vista or Sal. These islands feature the most beautiful beaches in the country. They also have many resorts and water sports facilities. In Sao Vicente you can visit Mindelo, the cultural capital. Last, but not least, the island of Santo Antao is perfect for hiking. You may also visit Sao Nicolau, Santa Luiza and Maio.


This interesting and amazing country has 24 cities. The most important are Santa Maria, Assomada, Espargos, Cidade Velha, Mindelo and Praia. In Praia, which is the capital city, you can see most of the attractions and sights. The most popular are Palacio da Justica, Praia Cathedral and Praia Town Hall. Cidade Velha has also some attractive sights like Pelourinho and Sao Felipe’s Forteleza Real. Moreover, the city center is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Be local at Cape Verde

So as to feel like a real local, you must do what the locals do. Thus, when you get to Cape Verde you should try driving a water scooter and a jet ski and you have to practice some kite surfing or game fishing.


In case you want to try the local cuisine, you must know that the country is widely known for the fresh seafood. The most common dishes include Wahoo and Tuna. When going to a restaurant you should order a Tosta mista (cheese and ham toasted sandwich), Cachupa (a national dish that contains potato and maize and also chicken or fish) or Lagostada (a dish containing lobster). You may also find numerous restaurants with European food, especially Italian.


Off the beat attractions

The most interesting attraction in Cape Verde is Pico de Fogo. This is an active volcano located on the Fogo Island. With every eruption, the landscape it creates becomes more and more beautiful. You can explore it on horseback or by foot.


The best time to visit Cape Verde is from February to June, so you should plan your stay during this period.

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